How to Choose the Best Counter Depth Refrigerator

6 Factors To Consider Prior To Buying A Counter Depth Refrigerator

At present counter depth refrigerators have become immensely popular across the globe. In case you are contemplating purchasing this fridge, there are several essential aspects to consider prior to choosing the best counter depth refrigerator. Several questions might lurk in your mind such as the difference between counter depth and regular refrigerators, what things to be prioritized before purchasing and so on. The following paragraphs will give you a clear idea of how to purchase your ideal counter depth refrigerator.

Introduction to Counter Depth Refrigerators:

These refrigerators are usually medium to large size models and are available in various capacities as well as finishes. However, they have been manufactured in such a way that they properly fit with the standard counters. In most cases, these fridges are approximately 25 inches deep. You will come across several deeper appliances on the market although the availability is somewhat limited.

How to Choose the Most Competent Counter Depth Refrigerator?

How to Choose the Most Competent Counter Depth Refrigerator

In case you are contemplating buying a large appliance it is usually a big decision on your part; however, you will find it easier to help your cause by asking some vital questions. These questions have been mentioned below:

1. What will be the cost to run the fridge?

You need to pay approximately 8% of the total electricity bill in your residence in case you are running a typical counter depth refrigerator. However, you might be required to shell out more money in case you are using a brand new fridge. Therefore, it essential to figure out exactly how much will be required to operate the counter depth refrigerator.

In the US, the Energy Guide label is required by all the fridges which are sold and these will give the details regarding the amount of power utilized by these appliances and also how much it should cost. Consequently, make it a point not to overlook comparing the power before purchasing the device.

The fixed price happens to be approximately 10.65 cents every kilowatt and the cost of operating the fridge is going to be based on that fixed price. The electricity cost can also be recalculated. In most cases, you will find the cost per kilowatt mentioned on the electricity bill. You can make use of the online calculator which will assist you in estimating the money that can be saved by purchasing a brand-new fridge.

2. What is the total capacity?

Although the total capacity is usually listed in cubic feet, this number is going to ignore several items like shelves and drawers which can consume space. Will it be possible to fit your groceries into the available space? Unlike the side-by-side refrigerators which usually offer large spaces, the counter depth ones come with tall and narrow shelves. Consequently, you might find it difficult to accommodate the bigger objects such as a large cake or a large pizza in these fridges. Moreover, it might also be a lot of problem to place several gallons of milk in the narrow shelves. Although some of these fridges include door bins, in most cases they are quite narrow and you might be forced to place the groceries on a shelf instead. For this reason, it is vital to take the capacity of the fridge into consideration prior to purchasing it. Remember that this capacity can vary depending on the brand and also the model.

Do not hesitate to purchase a counter depth refrigerator with a large capacity in case you require storing large groceries. However, the medium size appliance is going to be ideal for you in case the space in your kitchen is not adequate for placing a counter depth of large size.

3. Will this fridge be able to handle temperature?

Another essential thing to consider will be the management of temperature. As a matter of fact, the counter depth refrigerators must keep the food items at the perfect temperature. This temperature should be approximately 34 degrees Fahrenheit for the refrigerator and 4 degrees Fahrenheit for the freezer. Although you’ll be able to set the temperature directly in case of the more expensive models, a normal range between 1 and 10 will be offered by the less costly fridges.

Perhaps you are contemplating purchasing a cheaper fridge and in that case it is imperative to shell out some cash for buying a cheap thermometer which will allow you to check and also fine-tune the temperature according to your preferences.

Several models out there will offer the energy-saver fridges which will allow you to reduce the total amount of power which is being used normally. Nevertheless, in case you would like to save money then you should go for temperature control meters. Otherwise, you should purchase the one with automatic temperature control facility. Fortunately, you will find this feature with the majority of the contemporary refrigerators on the market.

4. Is it convenient to use?

You should always consider purchasing a counter depth refrigerator which is rather simple to use. It is important to ensure that all your family members are able to obtain what they are actually looking for and for this the counter depth refrigerator must be able to pack plenty of foodstuff into a compact space only. Remember to test the fridge at the store before purchasing it.

5. Will it be possible for you to handle the fridge?

You need to verify this aspect on your own. Several fridges will require lots of strength since it is quite difficult to open them. Therefore, you must test this before purchasing. Also, verify whether there is any convenient room for the children to reach easily in order to hold the snacks. Besides this, make it a point to try the drawers of the fridge while they are full and also while they are empty. On some occasions, when fully loaded, the drawers might even stick.

6. Is the counter depth refrigerator ideal for your kitchen?

In case your kitchen is quite large, you can always purchase a big counter depth refrigerator without giving any second thoughts. Otherwise, it would be prudent to go for the medium length counter depth refrigerators. Also, keep in mind to measure the space which is available in your kitchen before purchasing the fridge while allowing a small gap so that air can circulate easily behind the appliance as well as on the other sides.

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